Lynn Campbell

Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

Lynn is a Physical Therapist who additionally loves providing care to dogs and cats. She has had 2 rescue dogs in her home for the past 20 years and has enjoyed her newest role of dog walker . Lynn loves living at the Jersey Shore and providing exercise /walks to her furry friends. She believes in providing quality time and love with the animals she cares for.


We were very happy with Lynn as our dog walker. She is very personable and you can tell she loves dogs. She showed up promptly and sent a picture of our dog on each walk.  We were away and our son was working from home so this was a good solution for Tressa to get some exercise.

- Julie Keating

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When everyone was going back to work and my son back on campus my heart broke leaving my Leo, whom I adore, alone all day. Leo is so happy to have Lynn came take him for long walks, apparently he directs the walk to the lake. My Leo is a high energy, social pup, my mind is at easy and I am happy knowing Lynn will be by to brighten his day. Couldn’t be more pleased.

- Debbie Walker